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Vascularized Islets Treat T1 Diabetes

vascularized islets
Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering are conducting a study using vascularized islets derived from human stem cells in the lab to treat type 1 diabetes. Once the blood vessels grow into the islets and are rich in oxygen they will...
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Stem Cells May Cure T1D

Stem cells inside PEC-Direct
Medical device company Viacyte has developed a device called PEC-Direct that can protect stem cells to be able to live inside the body, produce insulin as needed and possibly cure type 1 diabetes (T1D). The stem cells are placed into PEC-Direct and take three months to...
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Diabetes Cure News Type 1

Diabetes Cure News
Diabetes Cure News! Johnson & Johnson is joining forces with biotech company ViaCyte to speed development of the first stem cell treatment that could fix and essentially cure the life-threatening hormonal disorder type 1 diabetes. ViaCyte has already begun testing the device in a small...
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Type 1 Diabetes Cure So Close To Reality!

Type 1 Diabetes Cure
A cure for type 1 diabetes is so close to reality after scientists discovered a way to protect the new insulin-secreting cells from the body’s own immune system attacks. Back in 2014 Professor Doug Melton and scientists from Harvard Stem Cell Institute found a way...
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